Five tips to extend your phone’s battery life

 Hey there! I’m back with another useful topic for you all. Here I’m gonna show you some battery killing settings you might not know in your mobile. Tune your phone using these settings rather just using power saver mode.
  1. Use DARK themes

    If your phone has a AMOLED display and working in a white background, its the main reason for draining your battery. AMOLED screens are great, it has individual pixels which light up only when needed but if your background is white, many pixels has to be light up and unnecessary wastage occurs. Android users can reduce this wastage by installing a dark theme and using a dark wallpaper. In windows phones its quite easy to do this in settings(start+theme). This will not help for ios users since they use no AMOLED displays in their mobiles. Any display technology can reduce power consumption by keeping least brightness as possible. Not sure your phone has AMOLED display? click here.

  2. Stop unnecessary background tasks

    There are many apps which run under background and use your network. Set your e-mail sync to manual or once a day. Disable any torrent app. Stop weather widget auto update. In android phones close unnecessary apps in recent apps. You can access recent apps by long pressing back button. Windows usually doesn’t allow background tasks. Anyway you can stop such applications by using default battery saver app. Stop voice assistance services as it always keep listening. Latest android update(marshmallow & Nougat)  has a feature called Doze mode. It will terminate some processes if you left your phone resting for some time.Enable it. Disable always on screen or glance screen if available.

  3. Network and Connectivity

    Battery drains quickly if cellular data is being used. Its better to use WiFi if available. Then by changing your preferred network type to 2G. In Android it’s available in cellular network settings and in WP under cellular+sim settings. If no Wifi available still its highly recommend to keep 2G mode if you use data only for chatting, email and searching internet.

  4. Turn off bluetooth, NFC, vibration

    Turn on bluetooth only when needed. Some mobiles has NFC feature which consumes little power every time. turn it off . Stop unnecessary vibration alerts. Turn off GPS if you are not using a tracking app or navigation.

  5. Get the help of an App

    Browse store for battery management app. Make sure it’s light weight and doesn’t use internet, GPS or camera. It will help you with extending battery life by recommending actions for you and applying suitable settings.

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